Construction Insurances

Construction Insurances

Alexis Assurances responds to the requirement of having decennial building and civil engineering insurance for building companies, public works, general contractors, as well as specific activities: asbestos removal, special foundations, waterproofing, energy performance, implementation of non-standard technical solutions, etc.

We optimize your insurance program using a precise audit of your activities and needs so as to cover what is truly necessary. We analyze acquired skills and expertise.

This auditing process allows us to better carry out our role as your representative to insurance companies. And to thus provide you with the personalized insurance solution, at the right price, necessary for the longevity of your business and therefore your assets.

Claim Rate Analysis for your Company

We also carry out a claim rate analysis (scale and frequency of damages) to assist you in the implementation of a prevention policy in your business: variable deductible policy, implementation of a training plan, etc. A process that is all the more necessary when a portion of your activity is sub-contracted (sub-contractor recruitment plan).

This prevention policy allows us to better defend you before insurance companies and, if need be, to make you insurable again when you no longer are.

Proposed insurance solutions

Professional and decennial civil liability plans (RCP-RCD) with “all risks” coverage may include legal protection, for jobs in France and internationally.

Beyond this, we offer classic insurance products for companies:

  • Protection and collective health contracts compliant with agreements (CCN)
  • Structures and materials on all sites
  • Individual and fleet automobiles
  • Machine break-down
  • Rental insurance
  • Civil liability of corporate officers
  • Social risks (labor lawsuits)

We also carry out the implementation of structural damages framework contracts to respond to the rising demand from project owners for “turn-key” services.

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