Our profession: the passion for service

An insurance brokerage firm

An insurance brokerage firm, Alexis Assurances was created in 1988 by Pascal Alexis, in Lyon, France.

With a background in underwriting industrial risks for an insurance company, he rethought and modernized the idea of an insurance brokerage firm to create his own with a simple and clear motivation: “the passion for service”.

Alexis Assurances is focused on the professional world, develops specific responses and provisions, and delivers all the insurance needs of an enterprise.

Historical broker of renewable energy

Alexis Assurances was one of the first insurance brokerage firms to specialize in renewable energy and the first in the field of photovoltaics.

Today, the firm is among the leading European actors in renewable energy insurance, with agreements that allow us to accompany our clients throughout the entire world.

Particularly active in the development of these areas of activity, Alexis Assurances is a member of the various French renewable energy associations: SER-SOLER (photovoltaic branch of the French renewable energy association), ENERPLAN (association of solar energy professionals), FEE (French wind energy association), FHE (France hydroelectricity association), and ATEE (biogas group).

Our specialization is your first guarantee

On the renewable energy model, Alexis Assurance has developed other specializations, in particular in construction, technical engineering, and industrial engineering insurances.
Known for its expertise, the firm is a member of the Tenerrdis energy technology cluster, dedicated to construction and energy performance, and the Eco-Energies Rhône-Alpes cluster (eco-building). Alexis Assurances also specializes in insurance for fine art and information technology.

« Today, we are a team of 8, all experts in our fields. From this expertise, we are able to efficiently analyze dossiers and, because of this, are highly responsive to our clients.

Many find in the firm a sense of service, guidance, and attentiveness that they would not find from larger insurance brokerage firms.

We are passionate about carrying out thorough and high quality research to arrive at a personalized and pertinent solution for the longevity of our clients activities. »

Pascal Alexis

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An insurance brokerage firm