Technical Engineering Insurance

Technical Engineering Insurance

Alexis Assurance responds to the requirement to have decennial building and civil engineering liability (RC and RCD or RD) insurance for structural, fluid, thermal, hydro, specialized technical studies (acoustics, building diagnostics, etc.), road and network, and project owner assistance technical engineering, as well as project managers and design and/or project management.

No opening price point: we carry out an analysis of your activities and needs so as to cover what is truly necessary. We analyze acquired skill and experience.

Thanks to this auditing process, we can best carry out our role as your representative to insurance companies. And thus provide you with the personalized insurance solution, at the right price, necessary for the longevity of your activity and therefore your assets.

Proposed insurance solutions

Professional and decennial civil liability (RCP-RCD) covering “all risks”, which may include legal protection for projects in France and internationally.

Beyond this, we offer classic insurance products for companies:

  • Protection and collective health contracts compliant with the Syntech agreement (CCN)
  • Offices and materials on all sites
  • Individual and fleet automobiles
  • Assistance for employees (repatriation, kidnapping, etc.)
  • Cyber risks (fraud, information theft, etc.)
  • Civil liability of corporate officers
  • Social risks (labor lawsuits)

For all inquiries and contract studies, please contact us.

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