Other specialties that we insure

Other specialties that we insure

Our firm’s capacity to invest in complex subjects has led us to also specialize in the following domains of activity:

Events (event organizers)

- What is covered: political meetings, concerts, shows, fairs and salons, marriages, circuses, temporary structures, etc.
- Our solutions: cancelation insurance, materials at all locations insurance.

Co-working spaces, professional platforms, facility management, externalization, out-sourcing, etc.

- What is covered: infrastructure, contents.
- Our solutions: unique and broad contracts with the goal of sharing costs and to eschew insurers’ avoidance strategies.

Other specialties

Cafes, hotels, and restaurants (CHR), florists, automobile dealers, castles, unoccupied real estate, labor lawsuit insurance, non-payment risk, and others for which we have developed particular know-how.

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