Insuring information technology, consulting, and creation

Insuring information technology, consulting, and creation

The common ground between professionals in information technology, digital, the Internet, communication and marketing consulting, management and organization, and coaching, etc., is often a lack of knowledge of potential damage risks.

Meanwhile consumerism and increasing legalization of society is multiplying the number of lawsuits that these professionals were accustomed to.

What we guarantee for information professionals, from consulting to creation

We assist clients in analyzing their needs in terms of what capital is covered (the maximum amount that could be claimed from you in case of a third-party claim and according to the type of clientele).

These professions being constantly evolving, we favor attentive communication to come to the best possible understanding of them and to be able to provide pertinent analysis of responsibilities in terms of means and results obligations.

This analysis leads to the drafting of clauses (customized contract) unique to our firm with the most innovative solutions on the market in terms of “all risks” (in which all that is not excluded is covered).

Our insurance solutions

  • Professional Civil Liability (RC Pro)
  • Legal protection
  • Corporate officer civil liability (RCMS)
  • Office multi-risk

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