Industrial Engineering Insurance

Industrial Engineering Insurance

Alexis Assurances has developed a well-tuned ear for the specific issues and needs of intellectual professions, at the frontier of the technical, engineering, and contractual rights.

We ally the analysis of the technical nature of your industrial engineering firm to our capacity to contractualize your obligations of means and results. In this way we assist you in securing your obligations and engagements.

In partnership with your firm and your board, we contribute to the drafting of limitation of liability clauses to frame contractual obligations and especially those of the results, in a way that makes them insurable and better uses your insurance budget.

Proposed insurance solutions

Professional civil liability (RCP) covering “all risks”, which may include legal protection, for projects in France and internationally.

Beyond this, we offer classic insurance products for companies:

  • Protection and collective health contracts compliant with the Syntech agreement (CCN)
  • Offices and materials on all sites
  • Individual and fleet automobiles
  • Assistance for employees (repatriation, kidnapping, etc.)
  • Cyber risks (fraud, information theft, etc.)
  • Civil liability of corporate officers
  • Social risks (labor lawsuits)

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