Fine Art and Collections Insurance

Fine Art and Collections Insurance

Since the firm’s founding in 1988, we have developed this expertise and have often noted a chronic under-insurance of fine art professionals and art collectors alike, in terms of stock and collection values as well as loaned assets and cap unit values.

And this is the case no matter the field of activity: art galleries, collectors, antiquarians, art restorers and artisans, antique book stores, philatelists, numismatists, flea market dealers, upholsterers, cabinetmakers, and others.

Our strength: we know the art world, its language, its codes, its constraints. These activities are a passion of ours which allows us to easily carry out personalized audits.

Dedicated assistance for fine art professionals

We assist fine art professionals in objectively calculating their insurance needs in terms of capital, and assist them in the formulation of their request to specialized insurance companies.

We analyze prevention and protection methods in relation to the requirements of the insurance companies and the pre-cited values.

Dedicated assistance for private fine art collectors

We carry out personalized analysis depending on protection methods and their evolution. In relation to the nature of the collections and, in particular, their particular risk of theft, not forgetting fire and damage risks among others.

Beyond art objects and collection pieces, we also guarantee your precious objects (jewelry, watches, silver, etc.).

Coverage on par with the capital engaged

We understand the wide variations in capital and the subsequent need for flexibility and we have a strong ability to adapt to various values of collections, stock, and loaned assets.

Because our goal is to ensure our clients are well insured against damages (theft, degradation, vandalism, arson to destroy fingerprints, etc.) and to help them avoid the proportional rules applied by insurance companies in the case of insufficient subscription capital.

We also assist our clients in facing the gravest of situations, a fire, in terms of asset loss, and engagement of responsibility, as well as for loaned assets.

In terms of “wall-to-wall” insurance, we ensure that you avoid holes in your coverage. We anticipate time with a restorer or framers and other fine art artisans as well as promotion time at client locations.

What we insure

Your objects and merchandise (art objects, artworks, paintings, precise objects, etc.) including loaned assets and against theft, damage, etc.

  • The transport of artwork objects
  • “Wall-to-wall” (round-trip, including exhibition)
  • Time spent at a restorer’s or client’s
  • Professional civil liability (RC Pro) in particular for expert analysis
  • Buildings
  • Collections
  • Your jewelry and watches in any location

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